Nurturing Thursday: Accept Others As They Are

For this week’s  Nurturing Thursday, I shall present what

Todd Ruthman said, ” It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting”.



Nurturing Thursday: You decide


For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday:

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them ~Maya Angelou

I was watching the sea gull for quite some time and could see that she had pain in her right foot but she didnot give up and was busy in her regular activities.

The weather is very unusual this year and is breaking records in various ways. Recently there were many sunny (white winter snow) days and temperature was constantly below zero. Suddenly it crossed the zero mark yesterday, melted some snow and without any warnings it was below zero again.

This temperature game put lot of pressure at the emergency clinic this morning. There were more than 50 casualties just between 8 – 10 am with fractures. People had to wait for more than an hour or two to get x-rays.

Last week I hurted my fingers and today I fell down. It happened so quickly, one moment I was crossing the road and just as I was on pavement I fell down. There was no snow, no ice but the stones on pavement were super slippery. Uff!!! Luckily I was wearing thick winter jacket and good mittens. It was and is hurting but is under control. The thought of going back home didnot come to my mind. I decided to be at work. I hope all is fine with bones and the pain will go away.

Dear readers take care of yourself.



Nurturing Thursday: Consistency


For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday this week I would like to share Edmond Mbiaka quote “actions become very effective when they meet the habit of consistency”.

Last three days I tried to capture moon rise from my kitchen but still I am not happy with my work. I shall not stop but will try more. By the way temperature was below -10C during my practice sessions and the kitchen window needed to be kept open.


Nurturing Thursday: Take risks

For Nurturing Thursday this week would like to recall what Paulo Coelho says, “Be brave take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”.

I got into a wrong (local) bus and this is what I (we) see…

I shall be travelling today and might not be able to login to wordpress until late tonight.


Nurturing Thursday: दिल से

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy within you ~Rumi


For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday

दिल से: Earnestly, Wholeheartedly


Nurturing Thursday: Leave your comfort zone

Yesterday was yearly skiday/tour day at my office. There were 3 major possibilities  down hill ski, cross country ski or walking/hiking tour. Here comes a twist, (not really) last week we had a few days with some sunshine. Last two days were dark, wet and cold. There were lot of “to be or not to be” discussions but apparently I decided to join the walking tour despite of bad weather forecast.

For this week’s Nurturing Thursday theme, I would like to share a great quote by Neale Donald Walsch, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

This is so true! If I would have said NO yesterday, I would have missed a great deal of fun, fresh air, team building spirit and most of all my confidence. Here are two photos to justify 🙂






Walk in Silence


Yes!!! the days are dark and the evenings darker. Instead of staying in all the time let us

“For one minute, walk outside, stand there in silence, look up at the sky and contemplate, how amazing life is” ~ Unknown.

For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday this week.


Relieved for now!

I would like to contribute to Becca’s Nurturing Thursday theme (on Monday due to valid reason) with one of my favourite quotes:

Wherever you go, go with all your heart ~ Confucius

With all busyness during my vacation in Decembe I managed to buy a few books. One of them was “Parv” (Epoch/age) written by Dr. S.L.Bhyrappa based on epic “Mahabharat”. It was originally written in Kannada. I got it’s marathi translation by Uma Kulkarni.

For last two weeks apart from doing obligatory chores at home and at office, I spent my time in reading this 700+ pages novel.

Right from my chidlhood days I had read/heard stories related to Mahabharat. Almost 2 decades ago after reading/spending time on “Yugant” by Dr. Iravati Karve and “Vyasparv” by Durgabai Deshmukh I got real interest in various characters of the great epic.

After hearing about “Parv” by Bhyrappa I had but one aim to get it and to read it. Parva is unique in terms of the complete absence of any episode that has the element of divine intervention found in the original. This is what I like most. It seems more real than the version I had read/heard before.

The book has been translated in many languages including in English  with title “Parva: A tale of War, Peace, Death, Love, God and Man ” by Tr. K. Raghavendra Rao.

I would love to hear about your experience with this book or in general on Mahabharat!

Happy reading!


Nurturing Thursday: Take it easy and smile


Learn to take things lightly on and off.

First entry in 2018 for Becca’s Nurturing Thursday!


Nurturing Thursday: Appreciate your own company! 


Appreciate your own company!

For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday