These images are to appreciate my unknown supporters!


I am not good in keeping orchids. It doesn’t matter how much I care eventually I miss them. The orchids in shops are always so inviting, one wants to buy at once. Once I checked the information near orchid section it said,  guarantee for “5” weeks.  After 5 – 6 weeks when the flowers are gone the stem starts to die and then begins the waiting time for the next bloom. It can be quite long and any kind of ignorence could be very dangerous.

Dear unknown supporters I donot want to hurt you. If ever you feel that you like my posts or comment on my post and I have not visited or checked your blog, write yes in the comment section I will check your blog instantly. Please make sure that I have access to your blog as recently I marked that many blogs are private.

These images were taken in 2016 during my Keukenhof visit.

Nurturing Thursday 100: Faith


I love gardening although it is hard and extremely expensive to have such hobby in this climate. A solution is to have some indore plants. I love my plants. Seasonal plants are just for a few weeks but they do their job well. As far as  I know one can rely on Orchids and Roses. They are tough but still lot of care is needed. When they bloom they bloom else keep us waiting.

I got this orchid plant last October as a gift. It was blooming good and then some unavoidable circumstances made me to stay away from home for few weeks.

Somehow I had a feeling that by the time I will be home many plants will be gone. Many were really in bad condition. Alas instead of throwing this and some other plants I kept the pots in a place where they will get light and moderate temperature. There was not much hope but since the roots were green. I water them regulary. Somewhere in my heart I had faith that my care will bring it back to life.

You see the result and hence the quote. Needless to say I am very happy!

This my contribution for Becca’s  Nurturing Thursday.