Tour de Algrøy


These are some of the pictures from my tour on Wednesday! Above marked map is for one fine summer day 🙂 In reality it was as you see…


Hope you like tour de Algrøy for this week’s photo challenge.

31 thoughts on “Tour de Algrøy

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    1. Apne pasand kiya aur saraha, kushi hui, apka shukriya.
      Jagah to achhi thi par kafi katheen tour tha. pal pal badalte tapman ki wajah se upar to sundar aur naram par niche kafi sakt barf this. Chalne mein kafi mushkeel hui. Aur chadna utarana bhi kafi hua par maja to aya.


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      1. Yikes! I once went for a school trip in the snow, despite adequate protection I got chilblains. Since then I prefer to look at snow photos and leave all the hard work to you people 🙂


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