Here I go again!


To begin our photography journey in year 2019, Amy has given a wonderful theme for Lens-Artists-Photo-Challenge this week. I decided to post just one photo today, hope you like this iphone image. I shall try to post a few photos from earlier travels but right now time is a big constraint.

I came back a week ago after 3 weeks stay in India ( can’t call it vacation as I travelled from one home to another). We had to cancel our vacation plans due to some emergency in our family.  Now I am back to work and in a few weeks time I shall be travelling again. Let’s see if I can manage to relax then.

This time will be heading to a far far west place, “California”. Any suggestions on do’s and donts in the region are most welcome.



32 thoughts on “Here I go again!

  1. Love this shot Rupali, never been to us so no clues from me 🙂
    Have a link I will post sometime about how IPhones are now better than cameras and how to take better photos with them … I don’t have one but found it fascinating reading 🙂

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  2. I hope everything is okay now.
    Your photo is stunning! Love the light, layers, and textures!
    What parts of California? It is a beautiful place…my favorite areas are San Francisco-Bay Area, San Diego, and northern CA in the mountains.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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      1. There are SO many wonderful things to see, and do, in both of those cities! Any good tourist site online can give you a list.
        We have lived in both cities before (8 years in each city) and I felt like I became a great tour guide for family and friends when they’d come to visit. Ha! It was a joy to show them all the sites and watch them experience the beauty and fun! 🙂
        Continued best wishes and prayers for your FIL’s healing and recovery.

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