29 thoughts on “Good old days – 4

  1. Funny how I get an almost visceral reaction to that photo now. By today’s standards, crowds are bad so it looks wrong. But I also miss that. I love big crowds – when they are not quite so likely to be deadly for some involved.

    Do you find yourself being surprised by your reaction to scenes on TV – people hugging, shaking hands, being in big crowds? I definitely notice that.

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    1. I do not like being in crowd on daily basis but I like to be part of it occasionally especially while travelling. I enjoy the spirit people show.

      I have seen young people hugging each other on Friday last week 😀 As it was a weekend and I guess they were partying.
      Thanks for commenting Todd.

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  2. That be a crowded crowd! 😮 🙂
    I love people…but I don’t like crowds that large.
    These days, when watching an old movie, just seeing a crowd of people, or people talking right in each others faces, or people clumped up, makes me go, “Hey! Social distance, people!” Ha! 😀
    Great photo, Rupali!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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