Weekend Special 40: Ooh Shiny

We here are instantly distracted just by the idea of a few hours of sunshine. Who will stay in! Following this theory, yesterday I used my weekly training time (training time during office hours) of two hours to enjoy a nice warm hiking tour. I covered a distance of around 9 km and went upto a height of 360 m above sea level. I met lots and lots of local and tourist on way. Everyone was shinning and in good mood. But I am glad I walked along some new paths in the forest and relish few moments of solitary with in nature. Here is a collection of pictures.


BTW the weather behaved exactly as forecasted. After the wonderful sunny hours there were episodes of heavy showers in the afternoon and it continues until now.



25 thoughts on “Weekend Special 40: Ooh Shiny

    1. Thank you Soni for appreciating it and yes it’s a great place. Just that I feel sad about my country men/women do not take advantage of such places. I rarely came across Indians during my mountain tours.

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      1. no I live on the coast right opposite the beach but Australia doesn’t really have mountains as such, more like pimples .. but I’m off to the Himalayas again, lived there four years recently … it will be tough as I’m not fit for the climbing 🙂

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