Floral Friday: Reviewing my own work

These pictures were taken two years ago when I got my DSLR. I captured almost every visible flower related object in the garden then. I wanted to share some more funny pictures but I shall not bore you.

I am in photography (as an art) for last three years, in the beginning shooted with my mobile Samsung s3 and a year later got Nikon D3200. Clicking OK sort pictures from Samsung was an achievement in itself. Then with Nikon, one step ahead 😀  In marathi we have an idiom, “adheech ulhas tyat falgun maas”, translation would be like, “good weather added even more to our enthusiasm “. I could relate it to me.

What have I learned apart from being happy in these three years is a real question!


24 thoughts on “Floral Friday: Reviewing my own work

      1. Rekha

        😀 I used to click on guide mode before. After Raj’s learn photography I switched to manual mode.
        Kisne kaha ki aapke tasveer mere tasveer se achii hai. Aapke photography bhi achi hi hai 🙂🙂🌻

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      2. Oh! I am still a way back in going through lessons. I shall need one week vacation to read and do home work on learn photography lessons! Nahi re, I was just practicing my hindi knowledge from TV (surf advt)


      3. You are right par weekend par home ka work hai na 🙂 and unfortunately I do not have my camera with me. I have read 3rd lesson and made some notes but have to wait to go in fields for practicals.


      4. Hahahahaha! Earlier I read some articles on aperture and shutter speed and had practiced photographing river water. Though results were good, I like Raj’s expalnation more clearer and would love to shoot and see the difference. Agar dimag mein pakka nahi baithega to practical mein FAIL 😦
        Rekha thank you for your patience.


    1. Oops, you said it right! I was about to quote the idiom, “adich markat tyat madya pyala” but then resisted myself. About konkani, oh how many types ae there, baap re! From my dad’s side it was karwari konkani and from in-laws side malwani konkani, your’s probably is manglori konkani 🙂 Anyways, I decided to stick to marathi. Hushhhh!


      1. Rekha

        I can understand and speak karwar Konkani. It’s called north canara Konkani isn’t it. 😀 Mereko Marathi nahi aati. Toh samaj nahi aaya “adich…” I speak a mix of south and north canara Konkani plus some Kannada and English words in between for special effects 😂

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