Sharpness of image and not of tongue!

My schedule for the photography lessons is all messed up. I know one should make an effort than making excuses but I have too much on my plate. Anyways, lets come to the the point.

I like Raj’s post on sharpness though I am still not quick to decide on shutter speed or aperture settings. I know I should practice more but then again.  At least now I ask myself before a click what I want to capture and how I want it to be. If it turns in what really wanted is another story 🙂

The day I chose to work on assignment is a rainy day, and so I shall not be taking any new photos today instead will try to use images with different settings.

  1. As you see the subject was much closer to the camera. In the background is Victoria harbour in Hong Kong. The technical detals are F-stop:f/6.3m, exposure time: 1/160sec, ISO-100 and focal length: 30mm

This image was taken in garden in Hong Kong where sculptors of stars of Hong Kong are displayed. This garden is situated very close to harbour on Kowloon side. I decided to keep full background to show the exact place.


The details about second photo are 1/200 sek. f/5 22 mm, ISO 100. I crop the photo and check if the image was still sharp if I crop it.

Next image shows the effect of little disturbance. The image got blurry. The details are 5.1/100 sek. f/5,6 55 mm.


I like the sharpness of the foloowing images. The technical details of the first one are  6.1/320 sek. f/9 55 mmlearnphoto5_6















Next image was taken in  a Botanical garden during summer. What I like about the image is even though the focus was off centre I am able to capture the details of flowers and the bees. It looks pretty sharp!  The details are 1/200 sek. f/7,1 55 mm, ISO-100.


The my final imge was taken on an Italian Beach. I tried to capture breaking of waves. The details are  8.1/3200 sek. f/25 116 mm, ISO 6400


Now we shall be waiting for comments from Raj!

22 thoughts on “Sharpness of image and not of tongue!

  1. Hey Rulapi, great to see you back here. It’s never a late to catch up. 🙂

    Pic1: A great landscape of the city of Hongkong. Clear blue skies and a beautiful panoramic view and the binoculars. A great story is captured. However a couple of things I would like to point out here. First, the horizon is not in level, always pay attention to that. I hope it was not an intentional one. Secondly, you could have still moved your camera to the right that way the telescope on the left and the scene you are trying to showcase (the buildings) on the right. Also, this pic needed some edits, more brightness and some contrast.

    Pic 2: A Great mirror image of the reflection. Nice layered foliage too. Yes as you rightly pointed out its sharp end to end. The only sad thing here is, the sky, needed bit colourful sky and some clouds that would make it a perfect capture. Needs a bit of levelling here too.

    Pic 3: Yes, the picture is out of focus, I don’t know if you wanted it that way. But great bokeh is created by the lens even at f5.6. The image is also underexposed.

    Pic 4: Yes a bunch of flowers in a blue background looks great as the background compliments the foreground. But, f 6 doesn’t cover the whole bunch of flowers. This capture needed a bit narrower aperture. As close you are to the subject your DOF reduces.

    Pic 5: Great capture of flying objects in closeup view. It’s always the most challenging of the photography topics. Nicely done. I like the exposure. Things are crisp and clear. I wish that bee in the centre was positioned properly like the bee on the extreme right. The viewer would see the right bee than the centre one which should have been the main subject.

    Pic 6: A nice attempt on freezing the water. High shutter speeds able to freeze the time! Nicely done. But, again the horizon not in level.

    Couple of questions for you Rupali, are you shooting raw or jpg? Do you edit the pictures before you publish? Let me know, I will give some more suggestions later.
    This is a critical review as part of XDrive’s Photography Learning sessions. Thanks Rupali for being here.

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    1. Thank you Raj. Yesterday I typed my message in word document but did not save it as I thought I have replied you on wordpress. This afternoon I realized that my reply was not posted. I was really worried as I donot remember all my answers. A big thanks to microsoft, I was able to find my document which was not correctly stored. I must have forced switch off my machine.
      Now I will post the comments as it is. SinceI forgot to answer the questions in last paragraph, here they are: I save it as .jpg as I donot know how to change the format 😦 and I heard a raw file is bigger in size than .jpg. I donot have any specifc editing software but I do some editing with default MS office 2013 photo editor. Comments from yesterday are:
      Thanks for wonderful review which brings more questions to me but will definitely help me improving my photography skills.
      1. I am sure it would have been possible to move camera to the right upto an extent. I remember two things, there were many visitors on the site taking pictures and secondly a big construction work was going across the road blocking the harbour view.
      How to get «horizon in level»? Do you think I have tilted the camera by chance? I do not have tripod.
      2. Very important point! How do I know if levelling is not proper and how to get it?
      3. It was all by chance. By underexposed you mean it needs more brightness?
      4. In such cases what interval of aperture shall i use? I like to capture such images of flowers, trees, buildings.
      5. What do you mean by «bee was positioned properly»?
      6. Horizon again 
      Thanks for your time and patience.

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      1. Thanks Rapali for your feedback. Glad that you were able to recover your file. Yes, it happens at times, but ms word has a feature to recover unsaved documents and it saved my couple of times! 😀
        Coming back to your feedback.
        1. Please check my monthly review where I have edited your picture just to illustrate what I was recommending. This is where editing comes into action. Regarding the levels, some advanced cameras have the level indicators on the camera itself. You could enable the guidelines on your viewfinder(if your camera allows it) As a last resort, you need a simple edit to bring them to horizontal. Let me know your camera model.
        2. Answered above
        3. Yes, underexposed, less light on the subject, same way overexposed more light than required. Check here about exposure
        4. If you want more area to be covered, then you need longer depth of field, To get it your aperture should be narrower. Check here about focusing
        5. See, the bee on the right positioned properly(of course you cant ask bee to pose for you :D) Whereas the bee on the centre is not in that stance. So viewers will miss that bee altogether. Rupali, you cant do anything here, I am just suggesting an ideal picture. But this is a great capture. I like it a lot.
        6. Answered.

        Yes, the raw files are bigger and better. You said that you don’t have a software, please check the website of the manufacturer of your camera. Or let me know which model camera you have, I will try to find out. Generally, if your camera supports raw then the manufacturer would give you a software for raw processing. But Microsoft photo editor is not a tool enthusiast photographer should be using. Check out an application called GIMP, if you want a free solution.

        Hope this helps Rupali. Let me know if you have further questions.

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      2. Thanks agian. Sorry I forgot to mention the model it’s Nikon D3200. Please help me finding a good solution. In mean time I will talk to my IT administrator if I can have this on my machines.
        Thanks have a good evening.


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