Weekend (57) – Aurlandsfjord

Yesterday our journey began with a tour to narrow Norwegian fjords. We enjoyed the  spectacular views and the countless waterfalls.  These are classic, superbly developed fjords, considered as the type locality for fjord landscapes in the world. They are comparable in scale and quality to other existing fjords on the World Heritage List and are distinguished by the climate and geological setting.  (Tourism pressures are intense in fjords, but impacts are limited as most visitors access the property on cruise ships during a short visitor season. (https://www.fjordtours.com/things-to-do-in-norway/the-norwegian-fjords/).

Later we continued our journey from a small scenic village called Flåm (at sea level) towards a small place Myrdal (up on the mountain) in a little train called “Flåmsbana”. It takes about one hour to cover distance of 20.2 km long track through 20 tunnels. The journey provides a panoramic view of Norwegian mountain landscape.

Here are some pictures taken on cruise and on the train showcasing natural beauty:


Kårdal village
21 hairpin turns to Kårdal (556 m above sea level)
Kjofossen waterfall – visible only on train ride
Last station on Flåm train.

At Myrdal we decided to walk back to Flåm.  The first part of the walk is a narrow path that drops down towards the river.

The narrow pathway looks quite flat in the beginning

Walking for 50m or so comes a real slope and with a series of 21 hairpin bends. One feels like if one has walked a lot while covering around 1.5 km. The loose gravel path is very steep and it is difficult on knees. But this is the only difficult part of 20.2 km hike/walk. Myrdal – Flåm hike is a wonderful experience.  There are numerous waterfalls and the views are dynamic and breathtaking all the way til Flåm. A guarantee of 100% oxygen and the only noise we hear is either of rushing water or goats from nearby farms or little birds.

The sound of rushing water accompany us through out the journey.


The path from Myrdal to Flåm is not very well marked but impossible to get lost.
More informaiton on flåmsbana
Thank you for reading!

34 thoughts on “Weekend (57) – Aurlandsfjord

  1. This is one of the first destinations I can ever remember wanting to visit, and I still haven’t got there. I remember thinking I would save cruising for my old age. Oh dear- I’m there already! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was fun hiking around 20.2 km but I can’t say leisurely for us as we had to catch a bus :D. The nature is mesmerizing.
      There are a few places to stay both expensive and in budget but they should be booked well in advance. One can get typical Norwegian food (even good sea food) or pizza/burger/salads.
      Thank you for reading.


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