Weekend (59) hikes – Hat trick

A hat trick at any level is tremendous accomplishment ~David Cope

Week 26 – 20.2 km hikeweekend59_5weekend59_4

Week 27: 10.5 km hike.


Week 28 – 9 km hike.


New trails invite us to explore more and more. The ups and downs and the exercise improves our health, and makes us strong and confident. I am really thankful for such blessings in my life.

How are you spending your weekend?

33 thoughts on “Weekend (59) hikes – Hat trick

    1. 🙂 Clouds helped us in hiking. It was neither too warm nor so sunny. Just that had to be very attentive as most of the trail was close to the edge with lot of ups and downs.
      Thank you Kate.

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  1. Wow I am terribly impressed! And you called yourself lazy? What is the significance of the last picture? Stone upon stone – man-made structures? In India I have seen these at different historical and religious places and hold different significance. On the way to Tirupati, apparently childless couples make these along with a wish while at Chittorgarh people who want houses build such stuctures (smaller ones with pebbles and rocks)

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    1. Thank you Dahlia. I believe in training than medication.
      Such cairns are very popular on mountains in Norway. I think they are just a fun activity. On serious note I hope local/tourists do not disturb the original cairns with historical meaning.
      Thanks for sharing such interesting information. I never heard of it.

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  2. Sachin Baikar

    Congrats! Rupali, great achievement 👍
    Seems like you had a wonderful time during these hikes. Beautiful views from top. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Anagha Yatin

    You are setting goals for us Rupali! Now that got me thinking. What do I do on week ends? There’s a simple answer… i hike the heights of laziness! Hahahaha… but on a serious thought, i need to change it.

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