44 thoughts on “Life is amazing…

  1. Gorgeous photos. It’s nice to see flowers at this time of year. I haven’t seen many cultivated ones like those as I haven’t been going to public places but I’ve been lucky in that the wildflowers this year have been fantastic and as you know I’ve managed to get out of the busy part of the city to appreciate them.

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  2. Reena Deshmukh

    Wow, what a beautiful set of pictures. Tulips, they look as fresh as morning and refreshed as the dew drops. I just loved the pictures, especially the white tulip. My personal favorite Tulip color.

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  3. I love tulips.. 🌷
    Simply beautiful.. ☺️
    Thank you Madam for sharing such beautiful pictures of your garden.. ☺️☺️
    Have written a short post about Tulips, hope you find it good.. ☺️

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