Are challenges taking away my freedom

Or Are They Giving Me Chance

Six Word Saturday


Eons ago

Life in KV

Classwork copy

Homework copy


Submissions in time

All scheduled!


Decades later

Here I am

On WordPress

Monday to Sunday

This theme

That theme

Uff da

Do I see

an invisible classroom


Life is Potpourri


KV: The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is a system of central government schools in India that are instituted under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. KV offers quality education to the children of transferable central government employees including Defence and Para-Military personnel by providing a common programme of education To pursue excellence and set pace in the field of school education.

50 thoughts on “Are challenges taking away my freedom

  1. I got caught onto that magic word – KV 💖

    As a KV student – I had mostly class work, and very less home work! How? All the homework was completed next day by copying from my best friends copy while bunking the assembly 😝

    Occasionally the principal would come on rounds and catch me, then I had to do “murga” during the first period 😀 there would also be a note in the school diary, which I happily signed myself and submitted back…

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    1. It’s always so easy to find at least one KVian.
      OMG. You reminded me of some of my good friends 😃😃😃. The real joy of going to school everyday.
      Each year the school dairy was so special. I saved a couple of them for a long time. Those were the days.


  2. hi R
    i liked the way you ponder the pros and cons of the challenges and the wordpress momentum
    and i think each blogger needs to just make sure they stay on top of what works for then and if blogging (challenges or no challenges) but if it pulls from life and gets too heavy then stop the black hole and momentum
    but if it is a time of flow with enriching beauty – let it roll
    – i think it just takes staying in tune with what we need

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  3. The challenges are fun and do encourage growth. If blogging were my sole outlet for writing, then I would do more challenges. However, I am also a fiction writer, and I publish a book every other year. This, unfortunately, means that I have to be very disciplined and choosy about how I use my time.

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