38 thoughts on “Is there any chance to improve?

  1. Monochrome is excellent composition. I would say that in the top photo the branches are more of a distraction than a frame. The “window” effect would be more pronounced with fewer branches and a less obstructed view. In my opinion.

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  2. Dahlia

    Why should you be scared? They are gorgeous and even if somebody does point out something – just think, your photos will be gorgeouser! Cheers 😀

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  3. Criticism is always a tool for further improvement and that’s why it’s to be taken in the right spirit. Hence what you’re doing is absolutely fine. Need not fear. The snaps are outstanding pieces of photography all the same. Good luck.

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  4. I like the light and contrast in the monochrome photo. I like the reflection in the water and the snow covered bank with tree in the foreground. This last piece tells me about the time of year and also informs me about distance. It gives depth to the image. The layers in the water give this image a kind of surrealistic look. As if the reflection were suspended from this midsection of the lake or river. It is unusual and a bit perplexing for the eye. I like this effect a lot.

    In the first piece I like the placement of the empty bench, the one that always holds an open invitation for someone(s) to come and sit, to rest and enjoy the view. Here again the bench and tree support the feeling of distance, like one world looking down into another. I wish the village, river and bridge had more contrast as they appear washed out to me and I find myself straining to see them. Perhaps more saturation or contrast. They could still be blurry in the distance while having more richness. I like the contrast between the reddish tint in the foreground trees and the blueness of the river and mountains in the distance. Another way of distinguishing between these two areas. The post in the middle stops my eye. I find myself wanting to dig it up for the photo op and then put it back 🙂

    I so appreciate what I see as your vulnerability and humility in your willingness to ask for feedback. I find this very inspiring and encouraging. A way in which we can support each other as photographers and writers. Thank you.

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  5. Both are amazing photos!
    I love the reflections photo!
    Signs of a true artist who wants to grow…someone who is willing to ask for feedback, get suggestions from other people and seek improvement. 🙂
    You are a true artist, Rupali!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. Great images Rupali. Getting constructive criticism is a great way to learn. I joined a camera club just for that purpose, and I’ve learned a lot. Just remember that photography, as any art, is subjective so don’t put your ego on the line. Maybe there is a critique group near you. If not, try to form one. For me, If the top image didn’t work when straightened, don’t use it. Go back if you can and reshoot it. That’s the most difficult thing I had to learn–to throw out a good image so I could present my best work. Believe me, there’s a lot of pictures I’ve loved, but had to toss because they weren’t tack sharp or when cropped correctly they lost an integral piece. I’ve also learned to not crop so tight in camera so I can have room in post. It’s a hard lesson and I hope you take my comments in the spirit they are given. I’ve looked through your site, and you have great potential. This is not an easy hobby we’ve taken up. Take care.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne for your comments.
      For me ego is no issue. If an image is not proper then it is not, that’s all.

      You are right, I should look for some photography club/camera club near me.

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