Nurturing Thursday: You as a person

For todays Nurturing Thursday session, I would like to present two quotes. Last couple of days I was thinking on this topic and I wanted to put something related to health. I feel our physical health and mental health both are equally important.

According to Julie Parker

“Place your value as a person above your size, shape or weight. Your dress size is no more important than your shoe size.”

But then Buddha says, “To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Which one do you prefer?

36 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: You as a person

  1. Both are true.
    There is too much judgment these days is both areas. Some people judge others by how they look AND they judge others by their mental, physical or emotional health. When we should just be encouraging, and helping, others to be the best they can be. We have not “walked in their shoes”…we haven’t experienced their hereditary or the things they deal with every day or their past traumas, etc.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. As far as I know, even wiki quotes refer to Gautam Buddha. 30.7 million results were shown in less than 1 sec but at times even I doubt the credibility of some quotes.
      Thanks for participating, Kate.

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      1. You have more knowledge in this matter.
        But for sure the time he fasted and had straved himself to death but had different reasons. Was is not soon after he left his luxuries life?
        I need to do some reserch in this field.

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      2. yes left his palace and life as a prince … so one extreme to the other … then he was offered a bowl of milk rice and decided ‘balance’ was the way … sat under the Bodhi tree and became enlightened.

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  2. Both are nice (although I am a bit skeptical about the second one being attributed to Buddha) but at this moment I would like to go with the first one. It resonates with me because it suits my lazy nature 😉 😀

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    1. If we believe in internet references, it is referring to Buddha. I shall give some references tomorrow in a new post.
      You should buy one of those smart watches. After every hour it will ask you to move your xxx 😀
      Thanks Dahlia for reading and participating.

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  3. To me — both quotes compliment each other, as they both hold truth … giving a full picture of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual! Thank you for sharing. Looks like you received a lot of input from your readers.


    1. Meg Evans

      I agree, Becca — health is important, but we shouldn’t judge ourselves or others as lazy for not doing everything possible to be healthy. After all, nobody is perfect.

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