Random 67: Anthropomorphism

The moon is friend for the lonesome to talk toCarl Sandburg


मुलाकात का समय बीत गया। 

मसरूफ़ियत इतनी बढ़ी की ध्यान ही नहीं रहा। 

फिर न जाने क्या हुआ मैं चाय का कप लिए खिड़की तक आयी। 

सामने देखा तो वो मुस्कुराता दिखा। कुछ कहा नही बस मुस्कुराता रहा। 

मानो पहाड़ों की मखमली बर्फ से बस अभी उठा हो जाने के लिए।

चाहा की रोक लूँ उसे आज।  बस आज के लिए। 

मैं देखती रही उसे चाय का कप लिए। 

वो देखता रहा रुक रुक कर। 

पर वक्त कब किसका हुआ है। 

बस दो पल का साथ हमारा। 

फिर न जाने कब मुलाकात हो।



I am not translating the hindi verse beacuse I believe that there is a significant variation in how emotions are expressed across cultures. Carl Sandburg made my point.



Why do people name their plants cars ships and guitars – anthropomorphism may actually signal social intelligence

The mind behind anthropomorphic thinking

31 thoughts on “Random 67: Anthropomorphism

  1. Carl Sandburg is from my area Rupali. He was a great man, lived humbly, was a great poet and won several Pulitzer Prize for his books. We have colleges named after him in our area. There is a train named after him, The Carl Sandburg train, it goes from Quincy to Chicago and back daily.

    Sometimes, it is not important to translate. The beauty of thoughts that evoke the words in one’s language, should be felt and tasted with the finesse of empathy. Trying translate beautiful thoughts, disturbs the liquid flow of words. I enjoyed your vision of the smile with the tea cup in your hand. Keep writing.

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